Choosing the Right Architect

First Things First: Why choose an architect at all?
Beyond the 5 or so gruelling years we spent at uni, followed by years of working and further study to gain full registration with the NSW Architects Registration Board, we actually love what we do. Whilst we are well versed in the required Building Codes, understand council requirements and can draw in 3D to help you visualise your project, it’s the value added factors that make choosing an architect a benefit for you, the client.

Something Unique. According to Architecture AU, “less than ten percent of housing in Australia has architectural involvement”. Hiring an architect means that you will get a personalised response to your site and your specific brief, all whilst getting the benefit of years of experience and industry knowledge.

Pushing the Boundaries. Rules were made to be broken. Architects have the time and knowledge to spend getting your project just right, and sometimes that means going beyond the norm to maximise the potential of your site.

Challenging Sites. Awkwardly shaped or steeply sloped sites can pose challenges that cookie cutter designs can’t resolve. Architects are great at assessing site constraints to maximise the outcome.

Environmentally Sustainable Design. Whether it be passive or active measures, architects are well educated in the field of environmentally sustainable design (ESD) principles and will design homes that are friendly to our environment, more efficient to run and more comfortable to live in.

Concept to Completion. Architects are in it for the long haul. The relationship you develop with your architect is critical to the successful completion of your project. Designing and building your own home can be a very stressful experience and having a professional by your side throughout the process from inception to the finished product can help alleviate some of the challenges.

So why choose us?
We value highly our relationship with our clients. It’s a working relationship that extends for some period of time, from initial concept, through to council approval, followed by construction. We are a small architectural firm so we won’t pass your project on to a junior graduate; we are personally with you the whole way through.

We have experience with a variety of architectural styles and work through a process with our clients to bring out their own personal aesthetic so that we can reflect that in the spaces we create for them.

For further reading, refer to the NSW Registration Board’s consumer guide “Working with your Architect”.