Design Philosophy

Creating beautiful, functional and adaptable spaces that we can live and work in, is the centre of our focus at BJB Architects. From concept to completion, we work in close collaboration with our clients to ensure that the end result embodies the essence of the individuals who will occupy the space as well as incorporating our design fundamentals which are integral to creating a finely crafted piece of architecture.

SITE SPECIFIC. Each project is unique in both site conditions and project brief. Every successful project begins with individual consideration to draw out its inherent character and artfully combine this with the inhabitant’s own style.

LIGHT. Natural light has the power to transform the way we use every day spaces. The relationship between light and built forms is the driving force behind our designs.

SCALE. Whether it be a large or small space, we must always consider the human element to ensure that there is a connection between architecture and its inhabitants.

MATERIALITY. Richly textured and layered material palettes give a sense of warmth to all architectural styles resulting in truly livable environments.

DETAIL. It’s the small things that make a big difference. When executed well, details give the inhabitant an appreciation of the space without being made acutely aware of the parts that combine to make a whole.